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My views and information on Teen Depression

I want to start this by saying I am not by far a professional, I do not have a degree in psychology nor am I studying it. However the words I am about to express to you is something I know all too much about. There is a condition in this world that is often times ignored by parents and blown off as a normal part of being a teenager. Most teenagers won’t talk to any adult about it especially their parents. Let me ask you if your teen, or preteen, came to you and said I am depressed what would your reaction be? The first one that comes to mind in most parents head is probably what they have always heard growing up, “what do you have to be depressed about?”; how many people would actually know that a child at any age can be depressed? I hope that you (the person reading this) will come to understand just what depression is and what to look for. Depression often starts with low self-esteem; not always, but often.  In the 90’s I could say that it starts at about 6 th grade, yes I s