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Who I Want Lena To Be

I was sitting here looking up information online trying to find more information that would help find my mother. I have been searching facebook tirelessly for hours now cross referencing people she may have been associated with; and honestly the hardest thing about that is that as I was sitting here looking at photos of some of these people I was a little r... maybe repulsed isn't the word I'm looking for, but put off. You see in looking for my mother I have come across well rounded people as well as hoodrats and thugs. I would like to think that my mother is a well rounded good looking woman of  but the truth of the matter is that she may very well not be. One has to stop and think of how that would make you feel is you spent your entire time looking for well rounded people only to find out that the person you are actually looking for may actually be a criminal or hoodrat or thug. You can't pick and choose who your parents are that is the very thing you can only choose abo