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Gay Marriage

6-26-2015 Gay Marriage became legal across the united states. I've seen post after post after post celebrating its legalization. I personally have mixed emotions about ruling. Here are my reasons why... I originally voted FOR the legalization of gay marriage. I remember the day I voted plain as day. I was getting ready to go vote and my mother looked at me and said remember to vote against it. I rolled my eyes and voted for it. I didn't really think that it would pass for Kentucky but I figured if they want to get married why not. Who am I to judge them if they want to get married it doesn't affect me... I was young stupid and I had personal reasons as to why I was for it at the time. I'm not old but it seems like a lifetime ago. Fast forward to today's (6-26-2015) ruling. I've felt unsettled since the ruling. I've seen so much. People happy about it people saying that's great what about legalizing being black in America and people completely ignoring i

My Spiritual Gift is What Now?!

So I was listening to a sermon/discussion on iDisciple by June Hunt Called Discerning Your Spiritual Gift. I was enthralled with what she was talking about. I had heard about the spiritual gifts but I really didn't bother to look them up. I've actually been reading them in various books of the bible I have been studying lately. I cheated however and googled the ones that I could not find. I did find a website that described them to me very plainly. June Hunt basically just said that to find out your spiritual gift take a look at the things that you have done in ministry and write down what it is that gave you the most joy and then compare that to the list of your spiritual gifts and do that. So I got my cheat sheet google and wrote on a piece of paper all of the spiritual gifts... there are way more than I knew about, but I wrote those down and I happily checked them off. I checked off three s

My Vices Are Many

Here it is almost a month later to the day since I have last posted. The last month has been kind of hectic for me. I've had a few panic attacks over worrying about moving. Then actually moving and still in the process of moving actually. I've basically spent so much time in thought. The thing about it is, I've been blocking my blessing. All this time that I have spent thinking and thinking and thinking about what it is that I would like to do I have yet to actually just put it into motion. I can make the excuse that I don't know how to get started or what to do, but honestly its just as simple as opening my mouth and speaking. It's not because I'm afraid of the subject matter. I fear that I will say the wrong thing. I doubt myself because of the flaws that I deal with on a day to day basis currently. I feel like how can I witness to people when I myself still actively struggle with the things I feel a need to speak on.  When my cousin Melissa died it hurt but