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I resent mothers day

You read the title correctly, it was not a mistake. I have a number of things going on in my life. My daily life that just has me exhausted. My thoughts run a mile a minute... Here is a sample of them written probably exactly how they apart in my head... Okay I'm awake man on have to pee thank you God for waking me up this morning I should really get up and go pee what time is it I have to be up in 30 go to the bathroom wake up kids give Jo his medicine book bags purse keys or the door pick up mommy work should I stop for breakfast I wonder if there are any houses or this way for rent I need to drive through this neighborhood one day and see Tasha must be at work already I really need to get this money order figured out and check my bank account to see how much is in there in driving so I can't do that I'll wait for a stop light crap it's not red long enough I'm sorry Jesus forgive me (says prayer) OK click in I hope they Low I still have to find a place to move to