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Letter Of Recommendation

I'm trying to get admission But my credits fall just shy So much time devoted Wait listed I wonder why Did I miss some history Fall short in chemistry Eclipsing mystery Why acceptance keeps missing me Don't need much accommodation Can I get a letter of recommendation? I've taken many classes In life skills I got schooled I had some hard lessons Passed Then flunked for being fooled Insecurities  Keeping me from my full capabilities Fallacious arrogance Letting these teachers mislead me Such a smart girl The world should be amazed Your spontaneity  Creativity You've got the fire to set the world ablaze Now Here I am at graduation And all I can say Could you write what you just said In a letter of recommendation one day. Guess the time I've spent learning Ain't enough to be Considered for higher learning Since so many rejections come to me High school was easy Had it all figured out Now when it's on to college Guess I'