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Thoughts of my heart

Love Oh love How I long for thee Your touch your kisses is like a spark igniting a flame I am set ablaze by the mere thought of you Oh the feel of your lips against mine Will you ever love me as I love you Will you ever know the extent I could lie perfectly still and feel each and every touch Each and every caress. Sound asleep I dream you even when you are next to me Surely the feel of your hands upon my though is a dream The kisses to my neck a wonderful realistic illusion I moan Don't wake I bade myself, not yet Gasp- The heat floods between my legs and still this can't be real As your fingers slide into the warm wetness I am awakened to ecstasy I missed your touch Longed for it Needed so much more Much more than you gave I'm not finished I should be done But your kiss The way you held me down You found me in that moment You didn't know You couldn't That part of me I've been trying to show You earned a little glimpse .......