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Internally I scream at the top of my lungs, Louder and louder than I've ever sung, The invisible tears envelope me and wrap me in their arms, My mind does more damage to me than self harm, The cuts I can imagine, I no longer follow through, A win of sorts, But now what do I do? Smoke? Drink? I'm on the brink, Of insanity because sanity seems to escape me, Poetry no motion stuck in one place, Char Onyx Chamele pick one, Choose a face.
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Writer's Block

  My brain says write, so I sit down at the computer, turn it on, pull up a word document, poise my fingers to begin... and nothing comes. My brain goes completely blank, I close the program and return to Hulu or Crunchyroll. Surely after watching something mindless I'll be able to write. No such luck. I've fallen off from writing completely for years at this point. It's frustrating and downright depressing. There was a working theory that I am not able to write when I am happy and I've been dead set on proving that to not be the case however I haven'd had a decent thought in some time. In fact I haven't written in so long I've neglected periods, hypens, and punctuation in the last sentence. The truth is I have to have a quietly loud mind in order to write. I haven't had silence in so long I have forgotten what it's like to just be with my thoughts. I used to ride to work in silence and I don't do that anymore. I'm usually listening to someth


Before I delve into the world of burnout I want to first start off with this fact; I LOVE MY JOB!  It's been so long since I've written anything I can't recall whether or not you all know what it is that I do for a living, well, I'm a "Youth Worker" which is a watered-down way of saying that I am a juvenile corrections worker. The thing about this job is that I did and didn't choose this profession. Many years ago I wanted to be a counselor to teens because when I was a teen I didn't like any of my counselors. I felt that they were all out of touch with the teens they were working with, not to mention they didn't look like me (African American). I wasn't able to finish school for mental health so I gave up on that dream. I actually trained to try and become a cop, you know be a part of the solution. That failed miserably because I couldn't lift half my body weight. I didn't even get to try the other portions of the fitness test. Time wo


  I am a member of an ADHD group for black women. I've been in the group for so long I'm not certain how long I've actually been there. The group has been so reassuring over the years and has constantly reminded me that I am not alone.  I was diagnosed back in the mid-nineties with ADHD and was promptly medicated after the discovery. Being the child that  I was I refused to take my medication and I've been unmedicated ever since. Having run across an article posted in the group called " It took me until I was 25 to get diagnosed with ADHD. I assumed my symptoms were personality quirks ", It was a great read that highlighted some pretty good things. However, I found myself with this thought "It's great she's got her diagnosis but what about those of us diagnosed you who have to get rediagnosed to get help?" I ended up asking myself was I any better when I was actually being treated for it, was the medication actually helping? after all this ti

Edith Freed

  I want to start by apologizing to anyone who may be following my blog for updates on my new releases. Edith Freed was officially released on 4/11/2021. Edith is a good girl, but life events have taught her that the only thing she needs in life is her sister and her faith. She hasn't even heard the song yet, but her theme is "No New Friends", after the trauma of her sister Genevieve being kidnapped and tortured (Genevieve Lost) she definitely had some soul searching to do. Armed with a new mindset will she come out of her 20 year bubble she has been in to make new friends? Better yet, will she find it in her to open her heart to love? Join us as we follow Edith on her journey of truth and life lessons. I hope that you enjoy your time with Edith as she learns just who she is. Also, join me this Friday as I make a guest appearance on the podcast The Authors Lounge .

I Thought I Could Help You, You Helped Me.

I was in the middle of watching a sermon on Youtube this morning when I kept getting this nagging thought about my calling. It's not an unfamiliar thought, just one that was so persistent I couldn't even finish the sermon. I have therefore spent the past 2 hours now trying to find scripture and stories in the Bible that align with what is perplexing me at the moment. The subject of the morning is purpose.  One of the most exciting moments in my life was last year when I got the call for a job I'd forgotten I had even applied for. Even in the interview, there was never a doubt in my mind that I wouldn't get the job, and I am happy to say that it's 8 months later and I am still here. What is this job that I am talking about? The official title for my job is "youth worker" the unofficial reality is juvenile corrections worker. I've always wanted to do something with social work, psychology, or anything with adolescents. I have always wanted to reach if I

Mental Health Pandemic

This is more or less an impulsive post. After many years, for the first time, I decided to watch Good Will Hunting. Of course, I'd seen it referenced in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, but I'd never once actually seen the movie. I was quite shocked to see that Robin Williams was in this movie. Although the movie was an award-winning drama and was meant to play at your emotions, the entire time I couldn't help but feel saddened by the absence of Robin Williams in real life.