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Writer's Block


My brain says write, so I sit down at the computer, turn it on, pull up a word document, poise my fingers to begin... and nothing comes. My brain goes completely blank, I close the program and return to Hulu or Crunchyroll. Surely after watching something mindless I'll be able to write. No such luck. I've fallen off from writing completely for years at this point. It's frustrating and downright depressing. There was a working theory that I am not able to write when I am happy and I've been dead set on proving that to not be the case however I haven'd had a decent thought in some time. In fact I haven't written in so long I've neglected periods, hypens, and punctuation in the last sentence.

The truth is I have to have a quietly loud mind in order to write. I haven't had silence in so long I have forgotten what it's like to just be with my thoughts. I used to ride to work in silence and I don't do that anymore. I'm usually listening to something on my pone. Generally it's not music but a show I started watching at home. Bob's Burger's is the latest listen in the background noise for me. Between going to the gym and everything else I have to do in a week I really haven't just sat here and listened to the nothingness that is in my home. 

 I don't have anything witty to end this with or any main purpose in writing this other than getting it out of my brain. Have a great day... Plus I'm paying for this web address and I have yet to keep it up.





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