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2/19/2015 So in observance of Lent I decided to give up social media. Which included Facebook Twitter and Instagram. As well as sex and alcohol. Yea those are horrible vices for me. Its Thursday and its been entire day and the no social media thing has been horrible. My best friend is like add this Person on Facebook oh yea see you ain't on Facebook. On top of being snowed in I've had a lot more time to study. The only book I'm having issue with right now for some reason is the emotionally healthy spirituality. Reading it had been such a slow agonizing process and I can't figure out why. I have been devouring lady is waiting. Its one of my favorite books which helps me deal with my singleness. Lent is 40 days however my fast is following my reading plan on my Bible app which doesn't observe Sundays in teaching so I want to keep my fast going as long as my reading plan. 2/20/2015 I've found a really good bible in my bible app that breaks down what is being sa

Open Heart

My heart Right now Is as open as it can be My heart Right now Beating For all to see You can't touch it Touch it if you dare Ha ha Its out of your reach But trust me its there Its beautiful isn't it? Don't you see The hopes the dreams The life that's meant to be Its yours you know Yes I'm talking to you Green No pink No red white or blue No, no, red Yes as red as can be Red black and white Perfect colors for me Stars Yes stars Under the moonlight Then and only then Will I have my black knight.