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Ovarian cancer?

I Had been having some strange symptoms. They had me more worried about being pregnant than anything, because of the fact that my tubes are tied. I made a doctor's appointment because I just didn't feel right. These "pregnancy" symptoms began to feel less like such and more like something else. WebMD, is a website that if you search enough symptoms you will think you are dying of some rare known disease that has no cure, so use it wisely. Playing with that app or website is like playing Russian roulette with blanks no matter what you tell yourself you are going to think you are dying. Anyway, I had my ultrasound today and I have no idea what it said, the lady would not tell me. So then Google became my friend as I became a medical student. I did find a very useful site; at least I think I did, that helped me understand a little about what I did see and understand from the answers she did give me. So based on what I saw and comparing notes and pictures from the web I may have ovarian cancer. That is a scary thought. I'm 29 years old turning 30 this June. I haven't looked it up but so far I've read that the life expectancy after treatment for ovarian cancer is five years meaning I wouldn't get to see any of my babies graduate or even turn 16 possibly. I did find out that there are symptoms that don't  guarantee someone has ovarian cancer but is something to see your doctor about.
·Pelvic/stomach pain
·Frequent urination
·Decreased appetite/feeling full quickly after not eating very much
·Larger than normal belly
·Irregular period

There are other reasons for such symptoms. It is always best to consult your doctor with any concerns.
I have to wait a week to find out my results I pray that God gives me patience, and that someone finds this informative.

******I am not a medical professional any medical concerns you may have should be discussed with your doctor*****

Information on ovarian cancer can be found at


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