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Matthew 7:13-14(NIV)
13.)"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.
14.) But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.
I spent my childhood on that narrow road. In church, in the choir, mime team, I was in just about everything as many of you know. I knew the way and that did not stop me from straying. You see what most don't know about that narrow road is that attached to the narrow road is side streets with a lot of twist and turns. Here you are looking at the road ahead of you and seemingly long and boring nothing but a set path those side roads start to get interesting. You may stop one day and put one foot on the other side of that broad road and kind of stand between the two realizing that nothin

g has happened to you you figure that you can go down that road just a little bit as long as you keep the narrow one within sight you can always go back. For the first part of the broad road it runs next to the narrow road to keep you comfortable in thinking you can always go back in fact you come across many different roads that lead back to the narrow road and you tell yourself I'll wait to the next road I'm having too much fun. But you keep traveling this broad road and the narrow gets further and further away and suddenly you've been so distracted that you can't even see that narrow way anymore you start to question why its even there what purpose it serves. Suddenly you've passed multiple chances to get back on track and you find yourself crashing into a sign at the fork in the road. And God asks you. Which way is it? Left or Right? I've hit that sign and I'll tell you that sign isn't fun.
You have a choice of which way to go. It's so easy to tell yourself that you will one day get back into church. That you will one day start studying your bible again. The further you go down that broad road the harder it will become to see the truth. I don't know who this is meant for I just know now what it is that I am supposed to do with my gift as a writer. I keep thinking that I didn't know if my Aunt was saved or not when she died and it has haunted me not because I didn't know but because I never even bothered to speak with her about it. So I am speaking to you facebook friends and family and hoping that you are reading this and understanding what I am saying. Don't miss this road back to Christ because trust me, that sign at the fork in the road hurts.


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