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Finding Lena

Today I went to the Youngstown library to search through the archives... let me start from the beginning.
Yesterday Shaun and I went to children services to see if I could either get information or sign so that my birth mother could find me. It was disappointed to hear the woman say that neither of those things could be done. I didn't cry, however, my determination to leave Youngstown with at least some foundational search information only intensified.
Today I searched newspaper archives and found one baby girl born to a Lena Henderson at St. Elizabeth's hospital. Using I searched both Ohio and Pennsylvania and found 6 Lena Henderson's. One whom was still listed in Youngstown and the only number still connected out of the six numbers I tried calling. Unable to leave a message We decided that because it was just around the corner from where I was staying we decided to visit.
Getting out of the the u-haul we walked up to the door and rang the bell. I was nervous. The house we knocked on was indeed the home of a Lena Henderson who's daughter had indeed ended up in foster care and adopted. I met a woman named Kim who was just as excited and nervous as I was, as she was unsure as to whether or not I was the daughter of the Lena Henderson I had found. Walking next door to her mother's house it was apparent in talking with her mother that I was not the daughter of the Lena I had found. She had twins, a boy and a girl around the age of 17. I was not saddened by this because I knew it wasn't them the moment the lady said that her mother lived next door as my mother's parents to my understanding had passed before my birth. I was however, sad that their search continues for their lost family members. I pray that they are reunited one day, and although my Journey has just begun and I feel better knowing that after all these years of wondering and wanting to do something about finding my family I now have a foundation in which to begin. So far everything that I have come across has lead to a seemingly dead end many phone's disconnected addresses more than likely incorrect but, I have something I didn't have before and that is a name; LENA HENDERSON. Until next time I shall be forever finding Lena.


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