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I started this when it happened and haven't been able to write anything on it. I'm working this kind of backwards posting these that is. 
Lets see where do I begin?
Zabasearch was getting me nowhere and neither were any of the other sites that I was signed up for. I had often googled myself to see if I would come up and I didn't but figured hey maybe if I googled Lena Henderson it might work. Hey it could happen. I felt that even if I didn't find the one I was looking for maybe a Henderson would know a Henderson who knew a Henderson could pass on the information to a Henderson that might know. (Glad I found out my last name when I was young I refused to date anyone with any relations to Henderson's that would be so gross and weird if later we ended up related can we say awkward?) Anywho, I googled Lena Henderson and P.A. and found myself with a white woman... that was kind of odd so I didn't even bother to email her but then I found a lawyer named Lena Henderson and it showed her picture and she was not white. I looked at her and compared our features and found nothing in common. I knew for one thing that she was too young and after going through her law history on the page knew that she wasn't my mother, I knew my mother hadn't finished school. Still I got the email address from the website and said what are the chances I'll email her anyway. This is what I emailed her.


I know that this is possibly your work email and I apologize. I found your name and email on a website and decided to take a chance and email you. I am looking for my birth mother who is believed to be named Lena Henderson I am wondering if you are the Lena that I am looking for. If not thank you for your time in reading this email and please if you come across another Lena Henderson please give her this email address.

Thank you for your time,

I used my birth name because in truth my birth name couldn't be tracked back to me if I ran into weirdos.
This is the response I got.

Hello Charlene,
I just received your email. I am not your mother, but I do have a relative named Lena Henderson. Before I pass your email info to her, you must provide me with more info about you, such as when and where you were born etc...
Thank you

The hardest thing to do was respond to this, I wondered exactly how much I should tell her, and what I could tell her that wouldn't be giving away too much information about myself. Throughout this entire thing I had kept one piece of information to myself because I knew that only my real family would know this information and that would weed out people trying to take advantage of me and my situation. So I sent her only the year and month I was born as well as the city.
I was on the edge of my seat waiting on a reply I couldn't sleep and I was checking my email every five minutes to see if she had replied. When Finally I got this email...

Hi, I did make some calls and there is a great possibility that my sister in law, Lena Henderson may be your mother. Her brother Roy Henderson told me to give you his #.

I couldn't contain myself! I had to know I had to call the number the simple fact that I was about to leave the house and go get my children from school didn't matter as much at that moment then calling the number I was just given.

With shaking hands I dialed the number I will forever remember this phone call.

Uncle Roy: Hello

Me: Hello
Uncle Roy: I remember you from when you were little
(I'm thinking yeah right we haven't even established that you're the family I'm looking for). Your brother's been looking for you.

I started crying if there was ever a doubt in my mind that I had found who it was I was looking for it was gone with that one statement. In my search I never let anyone know that I was looking for my brother as well as my mother. I only ever said that I was looking for my mother and never mentioned my brother.

Me: What's his name? (in disbelief still)

Uncle Roy: Darnell

I still can't believe it. Some days it still just doesn't feel real. I Found my mother and brother, the brother I always wanted. 

Lena & Darnell have both been found!


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