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Not Enough Time

My dear future husband,
I've been thinking lately. You know I haven't written anything to you in awhile. I think it was because writing you made me over eager to meet you. When you love someone before even meeting them it makes you anxious to meet them. It even makes you anxious to the point where you try to find that person in every guy you meet. I know for a fact that when I meet you I will just know who you are. There will be no guessing, no hope, it will just be you. I've been a little down lately. Not on everything just some things from my past. A particular person. I'm attached to them and I care about them and I would like to be completely over them with his and mines friendship still in tact. I don't know if that is possible. I pray that it is. I hope you to know that I don't think of you any less than I have previously. You are on my mind often; I pray for you. I know that God has created you perfectly for me, and I for you. I must admit it makes me nervous to think that you accept me as I am in all of my mess. Though I may not know you personally just yet I know you for who you are and not for who I want you to be. Sometimes, I feel your prayers on my life, as things shift and obstacles crumble before me I know that you are working just as hard to reach me as I am to reach you. There is nothing like a man who prays not just for himself but for others. I wonder sometimes if you lie awake at night and just imagine my face. Envision my smile as I envision yours. Tonight is a rare night in which I have allowed myself to daydream about you. You see although I think about you often and I pray for you I refuse to consistently daydream about you. For it can cause impatience and the time it takes for you to find me is set by God. My impatience would lead to no good. I guess I just wanted to drop this note in case you had thought I had forgotten about you. I haven't as you can see. God is working and I pray that soon enough we shall be revealed to each other, only in his time so that we may be a  faithful powerhouse for Him.
Your Loving Devoted Future Wife,
Nicole D. Hill


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