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I've been thinking about mortality and what it means. As I get older and begin to lose more friends to natural causes it makes me think of my own health. I am not living the best healthy life that I should be. When things get rough I drink. I smoke cigarettes daily, and even though I know that these things are unhealthy I still do them. That is my physical health issues. But what about my spiritual?

Spiritually I'd like to think that I am as healthy as I can be... but in that sentence lies the problem. Complacency in being as spiritually healthy as you can be is a setup for backsliding. I'd like to think that in the weeks gone by I've prayed diligently. I have in certain occasions, I mean I have prayed for others more than I've prayed for myself. That's all that matters right? Not quite. The instructions given to me on how to pray has lain opened and unread. Available but ignored. Although I am not spiritually dead I am spiritually sick and just like physical sickness I can feel it in my body. I can feel it in my head as my thoughts race and run together, lacking the peace I had when I was diligent in ready The Word. I can feel the sluggishness of stress and the restlessness of unfulfillment.

Pastor once referenced the scripture above paraphrasing "church is for the sick" I have to disagree. Although the sick may attend to get well it is also to maintain the health and strength of those who may find themselves coming down with a spiritual cold. Today I feel convicted, I've made time to do everything g else but take my daily dose of medicine (reading my bible). Sometimes I feel lost when I pick it up. Flipping through pages just to find something that sticks out to me. That, however, is not the best way to study the bible. If you are not being spiritually fed than you are spiritually sick, If you are being fed spiritual lies you are being spiritually poisoned.

One sign that you are falling under spiritual sickness if the sliding back into your old life and old way of doing things. For once you were spiritually healed "you took off your former way of life" The evidence of falling ill is less prayer, less bible study, missing church, leaving everything up to you and your worries instead of putting things in God's hands. If you step back and look at your life before Christ and compare it to your life now you can always spot when you have come down with a spiritual cold. So tell me, how will you get your spiritual cure?


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