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The Other Side Of Discouragement

I've been discouraged lately. It seems that everyone around me has either published a book, in the process of publishing a book, going live on Facebook about their ambitions and passions, or creating and managing Youtube channels; all the things I myself would like to do. It begs me to question: where exactly does that leave me? I am not a shy person, neither am I outgoing. I am self-conscious and there are aspects of the authorial process in which I feel I need to have, however, I find myself envisioning running into a glass door with everyone yet no one watching.  

How do I not get discouraged? How do I train myself to push forward when it seems as though everyone has the same idea as well as more support in their endeavors? I tell myself that if I can inspire one person to be themselves if I can influence one person to pursue their dream (whatever that dream may be), or bring one person to Christ or have a closer relationship with Christ I am gratified. Ultimately gratification coincides with patience. Discouragement is the by-product of the lack of patience. Watching the fruition of others hard work is the easiest way to discourage yourself. There is no telling how long it took them to reach their current progress. There is no telling the difficulties they have had trying to find their place in a field in which it seems like everyone else is advancing. Things didn't happen overnight for them and they won't happen overnight for you. Your journey, like my own, is your journey. No one else can take your path no one else can garner your results, just like you can't garner theirs. 

Discouragement is rooted in fear. It is often caused by negative thoughts; I'm not good enough, what makes me so special, if everyone else is doing it then why should I even try? I've been guilty of every single one of those thoughts passing through my mind. Dwelling on even one of those thoughts can create the remaining thoughts, invading the space where confidence lived and making a home for itself and all of its negative relatives. You should as yourself "what is my ultimate goal?", "For whom am I doing this?". The second question's answer should be for yourself. Yes, whatever it is that you may want to do or that you are already doing may benefit someone else in some way, however, you have to remember that pleasing everyone is not the goal. Make sure that you are pleasing yourself with the work you are doing. If you put as much heart, soul, and passion into the work you do, everyone else will eventually come to see it as well. Don't let the fear of failure discourage you, instead, be encouraged by the prospect of achievement. 



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