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Get Ready

I was walking at work one day when I heard a small still voice say "get ready". It stopped me in my tracks because there was no one else around other than myself. Get ready? Get ready for what? "Get ready". In my heart, I knew what it meant but I was and somewhat am not so much reluctant but anxious about what was ahead of me. 

As an aspiring writer, I explain in my post "Season of Support" how I had to humble myself and support others in their writing journey. Although my book has garnered one five star review I am not, as I once was jealous of the works of other authors; progress. So where do I stand now? Where does my next venture lead me? Simple; it leads me forward. 

Obstacles and lessons are coming my way for the sole purpose of propelling me forward into my destiny. In my situation, I can see the struggles headed my way before the breakthrough, and I am blessed to have the warning ahead of time. That, however, is my get ready. What is yours?

Whether financial blessings are coming your way, job promotion, relocation, new home, whatever it is that is headed your way how do you prepare for it? I asked God the same question. "God, how do I get ready and what do I get ready for?" The answer I would receive is nothing out of the ordinary, in fact, it is at its core the answer for everything; pray, seek God's face, fast, and have faith.

"Get ready" triggers a lot of thoughts in our mind; more fears than thoughts, but God says in Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," Declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, Plans to give you hope and a future. 

 Sometimes get ready is also a wakeup call saying you need to evaluate your walk with Christ, get back in your bible, and strengthen your prayer life because maybe lately you haven't been a diligent as you should have been. This does not mean something great is not coming, it simply means that for this next venture you will need the full armor of God to stand tall. Sometimes the thing you are getting ready for is something that you mentally have to prepare yourself for; a situation in which you know what you should do but maybe you are too timid or too afraid to do it. Maybe this next situation will be a trial before the breakthrough; either way, prepare for everything whether it be positive or negative. Sometimes the thing that you have to overcome the most is not something physical, not even something spiritual, sometimes the things that you have to overcome is yourself; your mind and thought process can be detrimental to forward progression. However, you have to the power to change all of that with getting ready both spiritually and mentally. So whatever it is that I headed your way, whatever it is that you will come to face I leave you with the same Message God left with me. GET READY!


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