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Big Things are coming!

I'm sorry it's been awhile since Ihave engaged with you, my faithful readers. A lot has been going, I hope that you are able to forgive me. 

Now, with that said I will try to update you on what has been going on with me lately. As you all know from my previous entry Just(in) Grief 2 I've been greiving the loss of the Love of my life for over a year now. As of two weeks ago I was hit with yet another loss of someone very close to me, my ex stepchild and sons brother. It was as unexpected incident in which he lost his life. This rocked me to my core. He was such a special child, he knew no stranger and was always happy. At the memorial they made the comment that the song by Pherrell Happy was a great song that made you think of him, and it couldn't be more true. He's resting with God now and although I am truly saddened by his absence from us I am happy that he is in the best place he could be. After Trevon's passing I finally took the step to seek help and join a grief support group. As of right now I'm not sure it's helping because it seems as though everyone there has lost either a spouse or child and my situation isn't typical. I won't stop going though I know I need the support. 

I know that was heavy for the beginning of the blog but it's not the only news that I have. As you all know I have been working on releasing my book called Geneveive Lost. I am happy to announce that it is available for pre-order on Kindle on the Amazon website for 3.99. (Shameless plug) TheRelease date is set for March 15th 2019. However, that is not the best news I have. The best news I have so far is that I will being doing a pre-release book signing at a local salon on the 20th! BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! I will also be a guest on a local radio station as well! I can't tell you how excited I am about both of these events. 

In december 2018 I bought a planner that said "A goal without a plan is just a wish" I had no idea what I was going to put in this planner at the time because honestly I kind of suck at goals and the planning of them, however, I am happy to say that as the year progresses I am slowly but surely filling my calendar with dates not only to network but to market myself as an author. Might be a little premature but I'm on cloud nine and I feel like just by the upcoming events alone I have made it. LoL I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. I also have an opportunity to interview some local authors for this blog come the middle of next month. So stay tuned for that. I promise I will get back to keeping up with this blog I just ask that you all bear with me. Thank you again for your support. 

Until Next time
Nicki Jae


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