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Called and Justified

Romans 8:30
And those He predestined, He also called; and those He called, He also justified; and those He justified, he also glorified.

This scritpture serves as a constant reminder that my calling has been justified. It seems silly that God called me to so something and even as I walk in it I find myself doubting it, but when I step back and look at the big picture I realize it's not the calling I have doubt in; it is myself. Am I writing what God wants me to write? Am I intepreting the scripture correctly? Is this really my calling or just my talent? These are all questions I have asked myself at some time or another, sometimes multiple times a month. As I get closer to the release of my first contemporary Christian fiction book the words of this scripture are all the more real to me. 

My talent has always been writing. From the poetry that kept me alive to the stories that stimulated my imagination, but the task, the privilege of writing contemporary Christian was given to me by God. Of all the stories I've written over the years the joy of writing Genevieve has been my greatest accomplishment; not my greatest accomplishment but God's. Three years ago I sat behind a desk at a job I was beginning to hate bored ut of my mind when I started this story. It wouldn't be until I pubished Secrets that I would find my passion for Genevieve. I didn't and won't do very much promotion of Secrets, because honestly I am not in that place anymore. I havee a few more titles to publish under Onyx Rosz but to be honest after these are ublished Onyx may go into retirement. I digress, over the last year( I can't believe it's been a year) I worked very hard on Genevieve. From realizing the story was written backwards to wanting to give up, Genevieve has been my blood, sweat, and tears; and thanks to God she will be my first great accomplishment in His name.

I honestly don't know where this book will lead me. I don't know if it will do well or touch lives. I pray that it does. All I do know is that I was predestined and justified to write this book. I pray that you show support and purchase a copy when it releases and that it may in some way touch your life. Be Blessed everyone, commit your dreams to the Lord and watch them come true.

Genevieve Lost now available for pre-order for only $3.99.


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