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No Explanation Needed?

Have you ever had a disagreement with someone and instead of letting the chips fall where they may you feel you have to explain yourself? I'm currently going through that at this moment; I actually have many moments in which I go through this. Sometimes you will get into a discussion that neither you or the other person will come into agreement with, but for some reason, you feel compelled to explain yourself further.

Example 1- you and someone have a disagreement and you part ways but the feeling of not being liked or the feelings of insecurity tell you that you have to explain yourself. You spend a lot of time and energy into reading into everything this person says or posts and all you want to do is explain why you've done certain things.

Example 2- Someone close to you has not only hurt you but they have hurt your significant other with actions or things they have said and you feel like you have to make excuses or explain things for them. 

Example 3- Wanting to explain the reason for this post just because you don't want to offend anyone who might take offense to it. 

Sis, brother; whatever you identify as let me tell you this... STOP EXPLAINING YOUR REASONS WHY. Ugh, I'm talking more to myself than I am to you but the message is the same. It doesn't matter what other people think they know or what other people have to say as long as you know what it is that you are doing and what you want out of life. Sure there will be disagreements with people and you will feel compelled to explain in great detail the why's of how you feel, but they are not needed and half the time they are not wanted. People tend to look at things only from their perspective and when they are not open to the view from another point a lot of time is wasted in trying to get them to understand. Don't drain yourself and cause yourself unnecessary insecurities because you want to be liked or because you feel the need to explain and over explain a situation.

Keep your head up and I will too.
You have two options, explain everything and lose sleep or explain nothing and keep your peace. 


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