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Information Overload

For the past few days, I have wracked my brain trying to figure out what to write. There are so many topics to choose from: sexual abuse, physical abuse, faith, mental health, books, publishing, the list goes on. So what did I come up with? What exactly is this post about? Relaxing and freeing your mind.

If you could see my notebook and the topics I have started and not finished you give me a strong side eye. One that might hurt your eyes a bit. They are great topics, however, my brain just wasn't able to focus on what it was I was trying to convey; information overload, you don't have to be a writer to know exactly what that feels like. You've taken so much into your brain from work, from TV, all kinds of different sources, and when you go to lie down at night you just can't seem to get everything in your brain to shut up. 

Now, would be where most people would say "you know what? you should meditate." I'm not going to say that. Between high functioning anxiety and ADHD my minds runs way too much to meditate. So, how do I do it? How do I decompress from everything at the end of the day... or in my case at the end of an information overload? One of the most common ways is simple... sitting in my car. I never understood why my mother would get home from work and just sit in her car for sometimes an hour. I understand now more than ever that it is the one place in which you have no current demands. You can sit there and listen to music and just get lost in the words or the melody, you can scroll Facebook, read a book, or even sit there in silence. Hopefully, you will get a little more than five minutes sitting in your car. For some reason sitting in the car is an invitation for my children to come and ask me for crackers or chips or to just stare at me and say they love me. Three children don't allow for much time to yourself, especially if they are small children. 

Maybe you don't have that five extra minutes during the day. Maybe all you have is the five minutes before you go to bed. You could listen to classical music or you may prefer to get your thoughts out in a journal. Information overload is simply too many thoughts running through your head at one time. Worrying about what you have to do later, the next day, or in my case how many more readers and subscribers you can get to your blog. Taking the time out to declutter your brain is not only healthy but necessary to keep from having a mental breakdown. Whatever it is you need to do to de-stress do it. I promise it to be beneficial. 

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