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My Cup Runneth Over?

Have you ever felt hunger in the pit of your stomach? You haven't eaten all day and you find yourself ravished? I had that feeling a few days ago and even now as I write this. I couldn't figure it out because I ate that day (a couple of times yay me!) but the hunger was still there. Today however I am choosing not to eat by choice. That's a completely different topic for another day. 
I just couldn't figure out what was wrong with me... and then I asked God and He said; "Your cup is empty." Wow. I didn't think of it like that. I didn't think that my spiritual cup being empty could affect me physically but it did. I have been feeling kind of blah for quite some time now and I can trace it back to my cup slowly drying up. I'm ashamed to say that my cup is so dry it has nothing but water marks left from where it used to be full. I was not only empty of God but empty of self. Trying to fill my cup with food among other things and nothing was working. 

I'm quite disappointed in my self for my spiritual state. Yes I believe, yes I pray, but I wasn't doing anything else. I'd stopped watching sermons on youtube I haven't been to my church home in months (although I feel called to change churches now). I allowed myself to become too empty. Now when I should be enjoying the word of God and all He has to offer me as a believer I find it difficult to even find that joy I once had in reading and studying his word. It feels as though I am reading and not retaining. This, however, does not mean that I am going to give up. On the contrary, now is the time to bear down and fight hard to stay in his word to pray and fast and seek His face, hear His voice. 

In the past I have depended on books and sermons to ignite that fire within me to study God's Word. This time around God has shown me that sometimes the wilderness requires you to journey through it and push through it without any added help. You yourself have to do all of the fighting and God will help you along the way.  If you find that your cup is as empty as mine or if your cup is slowly becoming empty I'd have to say, one, don't let it get empty, two if it is empty work hard to fill it up again. Stop listening to that music that holds you back and start listening to you gospel and praise and worship songs again. Slowly but surely you will be filled. Don't get discouraged if you think you are too empty to ever feel that Joy you once had in Christ, you will get that back. The fact that you got there in the first place tells you that you have it in you. I hope that this has been insightful and that the words that I have spoken has changed something in you as they have definitely changed something in me. Be blessed family. Always.


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