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Called But Are You Confident

The recurring theme in my life lately has been Moses. He had been heavy on my mind and heart so I started re-reading his story wondering where in my life was the comparison. My focus has not been on the baby in the basket sent up the river and rescued by Pharaoh's daughter or the murder he committed, but the calling of Moses itself. Just like Moses I've asked God "why me?
I stumble over my words and sometimes I feel as though my writing is incoherent, my punctuation sucks and I'm too set in my ways to change it. So God, why me?" You may find yourself asking God the same question about your purpose. Well, what is it that we can learn from Moses?

Moses had every excuse in the book you can think of in not fulfilling his calling. Who am I? What if they don't believe me? I've never been one to talk (paraphrased) and finally, Lord please send someone else. Does any of this sound familiar in your own life? God didn't send someone else he told Moses in Exodus 3:10 therefore Go. I am sending you. Can you see the two things that happened here? Moses was told to Go. It was not a suggestion it was not a wish it was a command that Moses move. God also in commanding him to go was stating exactly who it was that was called to fulfill His purpose. In the same way that God called Moses to His purpose he is calling you. It's not a mistake. YOU are the anointed one in your calling. No one else was sent and no one else can walk in your calling. 

As time went on and Moses finally accepted his instruction to deliver the children of Israel, Moses would be assisted by his brother Aaron in speaking to Pharoah. However, gradually you'll notice that Moses began to speak more and more for himself. In many ways, we have that thing or person that we are using to relay our words into the world for us. Whether we are using sermons as a crutch for our study basis or spiritual books these things assist us in our calling. That doesn't mean that God is not speaking to you and through you. For me that thing would be referencing sermons and articles (backed by my own study) however like God stated to Moses He will give me the words to say and I often find that to be true. Even as I write this the words pre-written on the paper is hardly ever posted word for word. I have full faith that like Moses you and I will both be given the words to say and the confidence to speak them on your own. 

Confidence is a tricky concept. The second definition on states that it is the belief in oneself and one's powers or abilities. We generally struggle to find confidence when it comes to our calling, but is the struggle of that confidence in ourselves or in the Lord? The one thing I believe attributed to Moses' confidence is his dedication to prayer before anything. He did not move without the instruction of God. In this, his confidence grew and so will yours if you apply prayer to your calling. 

There are a lot more lessons that could be learned from Moses I'm sure but the points I would like to leave you with are these...

• You are called
• God sent you
• Pray and Have confidence in the Lord

No manner of excuses matter, no level of fear, once you are called God gives you the provisions to walk in your purpose. Trust God's confidence in you, after all, he dwells within you. 

References: Exodus chapters 3-4

Study chapters: Exodus Chapters 3-14


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