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Through fasting, I have come to realize just how much I hunger for the Lord. How much time I truly have on my hands to devote to getting closer to Christ. Without realizing it, not only did I fast from food, I also found that during my time of fasting I did not watch TV. Something I didn't conscientiously do. The time that I would normally spend watching TV was spent reading and praying, the peace and quiet soothing my soul, allowing me to let go of my worries and my stress and just bask in the glory of the Lord. 

The title of my main entry about fasting called Fast To Feast was originally just a title to catch the eye of the reader, but as I sit here in the breakroom hungry to devour God's word, I recognize the truth within the title. This fast has not left me physically hungry but spiritually. I find I want more, I need more than what I have been getting, and I want to give more of myself than I have been giving. Its opened my eyes to the daily struggle of not only blatant sin but subtle ones as well. The small lies, the omissions, the sinful thoughts we forget about when it's time to pray for forgiveness. The things I know have been wrong have been brought to the forefront of my mind, and I have been truly humbled by the experience. 

My heart, mind, and soul were invested in this fast but I must be honest. As much as I wanted to see this to completion my body could not sustain it with the level of activity throughout my day. The one and a half days in which I did fast I found myself with more clarity and focus. Even after one and a half days, the junk I had been feeding myself had been cleansed from my body and I could tell the difference. Sin is the junk of our spiritual body. We must diligently and daily starve our sins/vices.

There are many vices we feed through either our actions or inactions. Instead of feeding our vices we need to starve them. When we feed things like addiction, promiscuity, lyin, stealing, etcetera our bodies begin to crave that instant gratification. The more our vices are fed the more they crave and the harder it becomes to satiate these cravings. In my blog post Sex And The Not So Single I talk about sex being one of my biggest vices. It had a monster appetite that not only put me in danger physically but spiritually as well. I am currently dying to that sin to prevent myself from physical danger and spiritual harm in the form of soul ties. This is not the only example of sin in which we must die, there are many different vices, and breaking the cycle of sin in our lives will always be a constant battle. We struggle against our flesh every single day for we are only human and as humans, we will always be attacked and Tempted by the devil. As we struggle we should also remember the source of the struggle and that we are constantly under attack from satan the true enemy. For our battle is not against flesh and blood.

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