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The Truth About Motherhood

I can remember my first parenting fail like it was yesterday. I was 19 years old with a newborn. My sister also had a newborn. My daughter Jade, started crying in the middle of the night and to keep her from waking my nephew I went and laid down with her on the couch. I remember sleeping so hard I accidentally
dropped her off the side of the couch. I quickly scooped her up and thankfully she wasn't crying. I remember thinking to myself what kind of mother drops her baby. What's your story? Are you the mother who got so overwhelmed you locked yourself in the bathroom crying while your child stood outside the door? Are you the parent who forgets to check your child's bookbag for homework? Whatever it is you think you fail at I want you to know and remember this. The only failed parent is an absent parent. Or in my case you've been in such a rush in the morning and sometimes leave for work before the kids leave for school only to come home and see that your son who insist on practicing football in his school uniform has decided to wear a dirty shirt to school. You panic and automatically think what must the teachers think about my parenting skills. I've learned a long time ago that there is no book, no manual, no guide that can teach you how to be a parent. So relax a little. 

I want you to step back and think for a moment on your child/children. What have they said to you? Have they told you mommy I love you you're the best mother ever? Have they encouraged you when you were down? There are many things our children actually do for us that we very rarely take the time to see and appreciate. I remember once I was in the store with my oldest daughter and I picked up a journal I wanted, because it wasn't something I needed I outwardly fought with myself over whether or not I should get it. My daughter looked at me and said mommy you deserve it. She told me this not because I have been the perfect mother but because I am her mother and she understood how much I sacrificed for them and how much I neglected myself. 

Children are a lot of things but the three I've found that stick out is resilliant, observant, and honest. They see and know a lot more than we give them credit for. They know when mommy is tired, when mommy is happy, and can also tell when mommy is sad. It's okay to struggle in front of your children. Just make sure you try to remind them that they don't have to worry. Everything will be okay- and it will. 

Those of us who are older have a harder time than this newer generation. Everything we watched on TV made it seem like everything in parenting was great. It left out the late night puke fests, the forgetting shoes over grandmas and being too tired to look for them, or the peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches for dinner. We have all done things we wouldn't consider motherly when it comes to taking care of our children and honestly that is okay. The only things we are charged with as a parent is to feed them clothe them love them and make sure they live their lives to the fullest. Never beat yourself up for being the type of parent you are. Of all the people in the world God gave you your children because he knew you were the best one to take care of them. Doesn't matter if they are biological, adopted, or step YOU were the one chosen to bless the world with their presence.

Me: says something about gigapets.
Jade & jasmine: what is a gigapet?
Me: explains in detail.
Girls: 🤔
Me: it's like the Sims
Girls: oooooh
Me: my cousin had like six she could take care of at once and I had a hard time keeping one alive. 
Jade: it's a wonder you kept us alive
Me: well you made it to 12 jasmine to 10, and the verdict is still out on the boy so I think I'm doing pretty well for myself.
Jade: whatever happened to it?
Jasmine: did it die?
Me: not in the sense that you think.... The battery died.
Girls: ooooooooh


  1. That almost made me cry...happy tears. My kids tell me that I'm mean (when they don't get their way), they also tell me how much they love me and that I'm the best mom in the world. I don't feel like the best mom but it's so nice to know that they love me unconditionally just as much as I love them unconditionally. I am blessed with awesome kids!


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