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The Season Of Support

I am currently reading the newly published book by my friend Alexis Baker called Love Yourself Unapologetically. I had to stop in the middle of the book and write this post. Not as a review of the book, but as a review of the feelings I have had lately. 

I have at least five more people on my friends' list who have either written a book or is in the process of writing a book. I found myself some time ago discouraged as I scrolled through and found so many others putting into motion where I myself seemed to be at an impasse. To be honest- I was envious. I mean earlier this year I'd published a book and my poor pathetic book only had three sales at $2.99. However, the truth was I had only published the book because I was jealous of my pastor who had recently published a book titled "Not Your Ordinary Vegan!" Simply put, I moved before God said move. I also published a book contrary to my genre of writing, and because of the conviction I felt in doing these things I rightfully pulled the book from publication. 

When I found out my friend was not only publishing a book but also doing so within the month I was floored. I really wanted my own book to come together soon enough to be able to say "hey you finally did it." However, God would place his comforting hand on my shoulder and say "Not yet my child." NOT YET?! What am I supposed to do now? The answer. Continue my blog posts, continue studying my Bible, and most importantly? Swallow my pride and be supportive. What does support look like? Don't turn up your nose at something because their season has come sooner than yours. Humble yourself, buy the book, and keep an open heart and mind. So that is exactly what I did. I ordered my friends book. I didn't ask for a free copy or discounted price- I ordered it at full price. What was next? The wait. 

As I waited for my copy of the book to be shipped to me I watched as her excitement grew, even when the frustrations of some errors presented themselves her enthusiasm rubbed off on me and I became just as excited about the book as she was, if not more. You see, the reason it was not meant for me to publish a book just yet or continue writing the one I was working on was because I had not yet learned how to support other authors. Nicki, you can't write something and look at everyone else as your competition. Maybe just maybe her time came before yours to learn more about the process. Maybe the two of you are to build each other up.

She may not know it but she has truly planted a seed of understanding and growth within me. BEFORE I've even finished the book, BEFORE even starting the book she has impacted and encouraged many, including myself, to love themselves and to love themselves unapologetically. 

Thank you Alexis Baker for allowing me to stand in the wake of your greatness. 

*you can find her on Facebook at Lexi's Plus Size Corner Or Her website


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