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Fast To Feast

It's been quite a while since I've just sat in silence with the Lord. As I am writing this I am in a quint little break room listening to the fan blow just enjoying the presence I feel over me right now. My spirit is at ease, my heart is at peace, and I find myself thankful for the past three days in which I've had the most energy I can remember having in a long time.

Lately, I've had fitness on my mind something heavy and decided a couple of days ago to fast for three days before starting the keto diet. I eagerly jumped right into fasting since it was the first of the month... I failed miserably. I honestly didn't think fasting would be this hard. I never knew that food was such a big comfort for me. I knew that I was an emotional eater but I didn't realize how food controlled my life. The truth is I have no self-control not just with eating but with many aspects of my life, food is just the one I abuse the most.

I'm a binge eater. I can go hours without eating but when hunger sets in I often binge on any and everything I can. How many areas of your life do you find yourself bingeing? Do you binge watch your favorite TV shows? Do you binge drink? Go on shopping sprees? All of these habits take away from the time you could be spending with God.  I've been guilty of binge drinking only to all of a sudden want to read my bible but refusing to read it while intoxicated. Something like that is through my own personal guilt. Even though I rarely drink (working on quitting for good) I do binge-watch TV, finding myself craving something more to watch after finishing a series.

Imagine if you will bingeing on the Word of God. An endless book of knowledge with new perspectives and lessons in every passage. How full would your spirit be? God placed within every Christian the hunger to feast on His Word. Whether or not you act on the desire is a different story. We typically eat every single day even if it's just once a day. Is God worth your time once a day? Is he worth the sustenance your soul needs to be strengthened in Christ every day?

I've talked about fasting from food because that is my personal choice for fasting. However, food is not the only thing you can fast from. Social media, sex, television; all are things we can take a break from in the name of the Lord. Of course, if you are single or dating sex is something you should be abstaining from until marriage. If you are married abstaining from sex is not something you should decide to do on your own. It's something that should be decided between you and your spouse when and how to approach your fast. The type of fast you choose solely depends on you and your convictions. You may find some things easier and some things harder to fast from. Pray and ask God what sort of fast He is leading you to do.

My mistake on my fasting endeavor was not preparing myself for its pitfalls. It was not preparing myself for the hunger pangs and the temptation that would come with it. I assumed that I could just pray my way through it without mentally preparing myself. I can't tell you how to mentally prepare yourself, nor will I attempt to, but what I can say is don't give up if you have a pitfall dust yourself off and try again. Lord's willing tomorrow is a new day and new chance. Just prepare yourself and try again.

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  1. Well written and you factually and experientially addressed issues everyone experiences especially when trying to fast! Great writing,I look forward to reading more!


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