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Altered Reality

My eyes are heavy, slowly, I drift off to sleep....
Sliding the alarm to snooze on my phone I lie there on my side my eyes still closed. I groan when it goes off again five minutes later.
"Why don't you just get up the first time?" I hear a male voice say sleepily beside me.
My eyes fly open I didn't drink last night. I went to bed alone. No roofies were slipped into my water. My heart pounds loudly within my chest.
"I know you're up." he's says turning to me.
I find I can't breathe it's him. My future husband lying beside me. How did he get here?
"Good morning, Are you okay?" he asks at my silence.
"Good morning. I'm okay. How did you sleep?" I ask with a little more confidence than I had.
"Doesn't matter how I slept, it only matters that God saw fit to wake me up this morning." he smiled at me.
Although I wanted to kiss him I could only smile. Sitting up I found myself stretching wide. In shock at the scene before me.  My room was only big enough for my mattress, dresser, and little bit of walking space beside each. This room had a California king bed, dresser, walk in closet, two nightstands, and a large window.
"Lord, I've woken up in an alternate reality." I mumbled to myself both hands at my side on the edge of the bed.  Looking at my hands I noticed a big difference. Gone was the purity ring and in its place an engagement wedding combination ring.
"Come on. We don't want to be late." Apparently my husband said walking towards the bathroom...  Bathroom, attached to OUR room. I quickly looked away. I am not supposed to See him in his night clothes.
"Lord, I don't know if I want to wake up right now." I whispered. I suddenly heard a soft knock on the door.
"Mommy." Jade said from the other side.
"Come in." I said happy that at least I could count on my children being the same. "Look at you."  I said nervous at the apparent developmental changes I'd somehow missed. "What are you now 25?" I joked.
"Mommy," she smiled. "I'm 14. Can I borrow your red shirt?"
"Uh huh." I nodded dumbfounded.
"Thanks." she says walking to the closet. "Dad. Can you check this shirt before I go? Mommy says I can wear it." She calls to her step-dad.
"Sure. Be out in a minute." he calls from the bathroom.
To be Continued.....


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