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Let's Take A Long Walk

There was this psychological exercise I completed online. It gave this scenario
You are walking in the woods and you can take one person with you. Who are you walking with...
You come across an animal what is that animal?
What action does the animal take?
You Continue walking and you come to a house in the woods what does the house look like? Is it fenced in or no?
you walk into the house and what do you see on the kitchen table?
there is a cup on the table out in the garden what kind of cup is it
what do you do with the cup
you walk out the back door and there is a body of water what is the body of water Lake river stream pond?
you have to cross that river how wet do you get in crossing the river?
With my most recent ex in mind I had a bunny rabbit show up as the animal and it just hopped merrily along I couldn't picture a house at all there was an open white picket fence and a foundation for a house and ever some erected timber but I couldn't picture a finished product house and therefore my journey would end there. 

Thinking of another person I came across a cardinal it chirped merrily the house that I came to had a Grayish blue fence around it and it was more of a small cottage it was made of stone. On the kitchen table was some flowers and love letters. The cup was made of glass and I carried it with me. The body of water I came across was a river and I used the rocks to travel across the water so I barely got wet if at all. 

Another person I thought of once again brought up a cardinal as the bird this time the bird landed on my finger for just a moment and then flew away. The house was a grand house for you Scandal Fans it was the house in Vermont, for you Grey's Anatomy fans it was Meredith and Derek's house. If you don't watch either one then you are out of luck. LoL On the kitchen table was a flower arrangement. And the cup that I picked up was again glass I carried the cup back into the house. I continue to the water and this time the water is a Lake to cross the lake I swim so I get completely wet in crossing this body of water. 

With all of those things in mind I will now break it down. The person you are walking with is the most important person in your life. The size of the animal represents the size of your problems. If the action of your animal was severe you tend to be more aggressive if it was less severe you tend to be more passive. The size of the home is a representation of your ambitions if there was no fence around the home then you tend to be more open. Anything other than flowers food or people tends to indicate some unhappiness. How durable the cup was indicates how strong your relationship with the person in the beginning is and what you do with it indicates your attitude towards the person. The water? Well the size of the water indicates your sex drive and how wet you get is supposed to indicate your sex drive. 

So you can go back and look at mine but I interpret it different. You see someone else took this "test" with me and I wondered if the outcome was different depending on who you thought of. Clearly it does. I wondered that because I was disturbed by the interpretation of the size of the house. It causes me to ask, do things change depending on the person we walk with?
I know that my "dream" wedding changes depending on who I decide to dress up in my mind like the Ken of my Life.( Don't judge me I could marry Johnny Depp one day)
Let me interpret my first one for you. The bunny rabbit is not a big problem nor is it small its a minor road block but it eventually hops away and we continue on the open fence means that I am wiling to let him in I feel like we built foundation and then just stopped production so no matter how much we wanted to go further there was no further to go to and that is why that journey stopped early.

The second person the cardinal was indicative of something that made me happy it was also non threatening and something I enjoy seeing out in nature. The chirping signifies that my problems are small but nothing too serious. This fence was closed and I had to open the fence which in me is indicative of not wanting to let him in unless I say so. The house being a stone cottage said the most to me. It was made of stone and although it would be a very warm place in the summer in it I would suffer some of the coldest winters ever and my ambitions were not as great. The table having both flowers and love letters indicate that Although I could be happy there would be a part of me that would be unhappy. The glass cup has the same meaning in both for me I love the transparency of glass and although it can be fragile it is beautiful if you take care of it it won't break. In this one I took the glass with me out of selfishness because I didn't want to leave it behind. I had to no regard to if I dropped it on my way. I came across a river and I won't explain what those mean to me because frankly that is none of your business. 

The last one had a cardinal that flew away. To means that I could acknowledge My problems and then they would fly away, with this person... we all know by now I am passive. But the missing fence indicates an openness. I know what you are thinking you already know the results so you can manipulate the thinking. No Because I'm anal like that and I would only write my first thought... trust me I was not happy about person number two who actually was person number one in all this. ( I'm convinced its because they won't go away). The size of the house indicates coupled with the person what I believe me and this person can accomplish together. This time the table had flowers which indicates that I could be happy with this person. The cup as I said before was again glass but this time I did not take the cup with me. I took the cup back into the house. I didn't want to break it I wanted it to be safe and left it where I knew it would be. Which stems another thought but I won't elaborate as this post is already long. I could do this all day long and think of different people and have different outcomes. Some I wouldn't get past the animal others I wouldn't get past the fence. I am convinced however that no matter what You choose there is some truth to this. What is your truth? How do you interpret it?


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